Friday, March 18, 2005

Less blogging = more activity

I can't express how much easier things seem to be now that I don't feel the need to sit in front of my computer trying to find something interesting to blog about.

I've been messing around in the yard planting flowers that may not even bloom. I decided to wait until another time to plant the veggies. I was overwhelming myself with everything I wanted to plant; it got to the point to where I just didn't want to plant anything.

Aside from grass, the front yard here is pretty boring. I planted a couple golden euonymus shrubs near the corners of the house. I hate the color of the house and these shrubs will hopefully make things look a bit better.

The side and back of the house, which is where we spend more time, was in terrible shape. Part of the yard was blocked off with wooden boards similar to railroad ties. I guess the area was a huge garden at one time, I don’t know. We pulled those up and made a smaller area for my garden. I planted way too many seeds there with little-to-no organization. We’ll see how all that comes out later. I always wanted one of those gardens with tons of different flowers and it looks like there was little planning involved, but it actually takes tons of planning. Well, mine has lots of different flowers with no planning.

My mom and I moved some circular planters (one on each side of the carport) around and planted some pansies in the one that gets sun and some caladiums in the other that gets very little sun. The sides of the carport were lined with tree bark, which may have looked better when the bark was new, but it looked awful when we moved in. I bagged all that up and put it out for the garbage men to pick up. The yard immediately looked 100% better. I plan to plant some grass seed ASAP. I would have done it sooner, but we just had a BBQ this past weekend and I didn’t want to have to ask our 20+ guests to stay off the future grass.

I've posted some new pictures on Jude's blog. Jude has been having fun with the neighbors' kids, Ursula and Calista. They are both cutie pies. Calista is a bit older and already in school, so he ends up spending more time with Ursula, who is only a few months younger. She is a very determined little girl and he's having a hard time standing up for himself, but he'll catch on eventually.

With all the work I've been doing in the yard and the weather the way it's been up and down lately, I have a sinus infection and probably bronchitis again. Yippee.

Jay is still enjoying his new job and when he's not at work, he's catching up on his "Honey Do" list at home. He claims I’m not a relentless nag even though when he checks off one item from his list, I add two more to it.


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