Monday, February 14, 2005

Time to vent my anger

Last night I was looking on the web for a book I want to purchase. I found it for sale on Amazon for $27. Out of curiosity, I decided to see if anyone had it for sale on eBay. I found one there for $10. I thought I'd save a few bucks, so I placed my bid.

The seller had a couple purchasing qualification. One was that he didn't want any new eBayers bidding and the other was that bidders had to have at least a 95% on our feedback. I've made a couple purchases and my feedback is at 100%. He cancelled my bid. After receiving the email notification that my bid had been cancelled, I went back to the item page to read the explanation and to see if I missed anything in his requirements. Here's his explanation:
It's amazing how many people never learn to read.
So I looked at the bidding requirements. I noticed he changed them. Not only can bidders not be new, but it now specifies that bidders have to have at least 10 feedback comments. I promise you that statement was not there before. He even changed the colors of some of the text. Since my feedback was rated 100% and I was bidding on a religious book, I hoped that meant he was a nice fellow and I caught him at a grumpy moment. I sent him some email thinking he may reconsider.
Dear ______,
I placed a bid on this item earlier today and it looks as though you changed the purchasing requirements since then and cancelled my bid. Although I have made only two purchases in the past, I paid them via PayPal within the hour of winning the item. One seller did not comment even though she sent a personal email thanking me for my promptness. I would really like this book and hope that you would be willing to work with me on this.
Here's his response:
I did not change anything. You chose to ignore the bidding requirements, therefore I canceled your bid and blocked you from bidding on this item or any others. Some people think I just write all that stuff at the beginning of my auctions for my own humor.
He banned me from bidding on that item and anything else he sells! Nice guy. I guess the books he reads do not reflect the person he is. Sheesh.


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