Sunday, December 05, 2004

Update to the Update

As Jay so eloquently stated in the Oh Great! Part Two comment box a couple posts down, I am sick now. I thought I was going to get by without it hitting me too hard, but I know I've got bronchitis now. Both Jay and Jude are doing much better though, so I am grateful.

On Tuesday or Wednesday after my drugs have kicked in and I am no longer contagious, Jude and I will probably head to my mom's so that Jay can get some good studying in before he re-takes the exam. Continued prayers are very necessary. Since Friday, his passing this test has become much more necessary than it was before.

Changing the topic, have any of you been keeping up with Joan of Arcadia lately? I am getting very concerned about Will's relationship with his boss. They are getting much too close for my comfort.


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