Monday, November 29, 2004

Loved Ones Treated Badly

Mecandes at Mere Catholics has a wonderful post this morning. He discusses a common problem Christian husbands face. It's also one that seems to be rarely duscussed.
As Christians, we're called to "forgive those who trespass against us." At the best of times, it can be difficult -- but since I became a husband and father, I have found I have a particularly hard time forgiving those who trespass against my wife and children.
He goes on to ask:
I suppose it's hard because I consider a major part of my vocation to be the care and protection of my family. If you treat me badly, that's one thing, but if you treat my family badly, it seems to evoke an entirely more serious response in me. The question is this: If the family is being repeatedly hurt by someone, is it my duty as husband/father to protect them (by distancing ourselves from such people), or do you think I am called on to "turn the other cheek" on their behalf, and force my wife and children into situations where they continue to be hurt?


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