Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Un- American Democratic Party

Bob Just has written a truly-excellent article describing the dangers modern-day Democrats pose, not only to their party but to America as a whole. He makes the point that Democrats have increasingly become assimilated by the “furious fringe”, a group that wants nothing less than total domination over the government of the United States and has very few qualms about bending and breaking rules in order to secure power for itself.

This is a very telling quote from the article:
Now here's the sobering reality: Defeating "angry leftists" at the polls does not solve our problem any more than disarming a crazy person makes him a safe roommate.
The dangers posed are great. The goal of radical Democrats is to produce a politically-correct nation based upon the fallacies of a communist utopia. The “dangers” of religion, such as moral absolutes, would be outlawed. Any surviving religion would be so diluted as to consist primarily of, “We acknowledge our right to believe that something may exist besides the tangible world, although we may not push this belief upon others.”

Man, in the form of the State, would be set as the ultimate authority over man. Consequently, laws would become much more subjective and likely to change, and therefore easier to flaunt. Crime would run rampant and victims would be unable to protect themselves since, being law-abiding citizens, they would not own any weapons. Unrepentant criminals would spend little to no time in jail. The only exceptions would be for those who dared speak out against the State.

Sexual promiscuity would render obsolete any current definition of “marriage”. Many new varieties of sexually transmitted diseases would surface, several more potent than anything in existence today.

Schools would indoctrinate our children in State-approved moral codes and parents would be forbidden to contradict the state’s teachings, effectively dismantling the authority of parents and the entire family structure.

Businesses would be crippled under the incredible tax burdens implemented to pay for all the social programs. Unemployment would rise drastically and inflation would skyrocket due to the need to import nearly everything.

Throughout the turmoil, the government would be relied upon to fix all the problems and to provide everything that the citizenry might determine is necessary to bring about happiness. Eventually the government, in a desperate move to avoid insurrection, would implement an “information dissemination” service assuring its citizens that all is well, supplies are high, and people are happier than ever before. All outlets of information would be seized and closely monitored to prevent any announcements to the contrary. Martial law would be declared over the entire country to control travel and communication.

It sounds like George Orwell’s 1984, and with reason. That is exactly where the leftist worldview would take us. Despite the abject failure of the U.S.S.R. and even the move by China towards a bastardized version of capitalism (all state-controlled), liberals continue to pursue communist and socialist fantasies and are willing to take any steps necessary to achieve these fantasies because they know in their misguided hearts that they alone know what is best for mankind.

Henry David Thoreau is credited with the following quote: "If you see a man approaching you with the obvious intent of doing you good, you should run for your life." This should be taken a step farther: "If you see a man approaching you with the obvious intent of doing you good, you should fight for your life."

I sincerely hope it never comes to this point, but unless the Democratic party cleanses itself of the anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-democratic element burrowed deep within its echelons, America’s second civil war is not a paranoid fantasy, but our future.


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