Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sorry – Wrong Victim

How many attacks does it take on the same set of victims before the media takes notice? The answer depends upon the victimized group. Homosexual? Black? Arab? Don’t worry, dear. We’ll have you on the front page in no time.

What about Republicans? This hardly seems like a group of victims. After all, Republicans are the group of hard-right Christian fanatics that own and not-so-secretly rule the world.

Looking through the referenced article, I found approximately 14 incidents where people and property were targets of crime. A Bush/Cheney sign painted over with a swastika. Republican campaign locations in Knoxville, TN and Huntington, West Virginia had shots fired into them. The GOP office in Bellevue, Washington was burglarized. Activists in Orlando, Florida and West Allis, Wisconsin stormed Bush-Cheney headquarters, creating havoc and, in Orlando, vandalizing the insides and injuring two workers. And there have been other incidents but I’m writing this in a hurry so I can go watch the last debate tonight.

Have there been similar episodes in the opposite direction? Almost assuredly, but it’s a safe bet that, were the number of incidents similar to each other, we would be hearing much more about the Republican Rabble Rousers from the talking heads. But since the majority of attacks were on Republicans, these events can be excused as the work of a few overzealous people.

The major media outlets wonder why they are losing their audience. Keep on guessing, guys, right until you put the last nails in your own collective coffin.


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