Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A New Test

This is very similar to one I usually take out of a book. I found this online version of the Myers-Briggs test I though you all may like. Even though it has 58 questions, it is still much shorter than the real test.

Outgoing (E) 57.14% Withdrawn (I) 42.86%
Realistic (S) 63.64% Imaginative (N) 36.36%
Intellectual (T) 50% Emotional (F) 50%
Organized (J) 66.67% Improvised (P) 33.33%
Your type is: ESFJ
You are a Supporter, possible professions include - nurse, social worker, caterer, flight attendant, bookkeeper, medical/dental assistant, exercise physiologist, elementary school teacher, minister/priest/rabbi, retail owner, officer manager, telemarketer, counselor, special education teacher, merchandise planner, credit counselor, athletic coach, insurance agent, sales representative, massage therapist, medical secretary, child care provider, bilingual education teacher, professional volunteer.

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