Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Muslims Just Wanna Have Fun

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J. is hosting the "Great Muslim Adventure Day" this coming Friday. Only Muslims, their families, and their guests will be allowed to attend. They'll have such attractions as "Pin the Tail on the Jew", "American Civilian Target Shooting", and the "Suicide Bomber Lookalike Contest".

Just kidding about the attractions! I admit that this is over the line but I'm in a particularly rebelious mood right now. It is unfair to liken terrorists and extremists with law-abiding Muslims. Any Muslims reading this are more than welcome to make jokes about Catholics.

However, the event itself is still taking place and has raised the ire of several groups, Militant Islam Monitor and Middle East Forum among them. Their beef with this event is not that Six Flags is hosting such a day, but that they are making it an exclusive event. A previously hosted day for Jews was not exclusive, nor have other similar events been exclusive.

While I'm sure I could write a lengthy post on this topic, I have one main thought I wish to share: If you ever wanted to go to a place and feel safe from Islamic terrorists, this would be it.


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