Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Anybody but Bush

An attitude running rampant among liberals is "Anybody but Bush". Their dislike of Bush far exceeds that held by conservatives for Clinton, or even by liberals for Reagan. The litany is all too familiar by now: "Bush is an idiot"; "Bush gave tax cuts to the wealthy"; "Bush lied about Iraq so he could take their oil"; "Bush stole the 2000 election; etcetera ad nauseum. In their opinion a well-groomed aardvark would be more suitable for the presidency than George W. Bush. However, one must question the wisdom of harboring such an attitude once the options are considered.

The only other viable candidate for President of the U.S.A. is John Kerry. Kerry, as he will remind you (but only if he's breathing), is a Catholic Vietnam veteran. Or is he?

Kerry is so proud of his military service and his medals that he has made his Vietnam experience the centerpiece of his campaign. Unfortunately for him, that centerpiece is rapidly becoming a bull’s-eye. Even after the pounding on Kerry's military record delivered by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (responsible for the book Unfit for Command and several television advertisements), another Vietnam veteran, Dexter Lehtinen is paying for full page advertisements in several military and civilian newspapers. Yet another group, Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry, is creating television advertisements to air near military bases.

This phenomenon cannot be boiled down to angry or jealous people who just want to strike Kerry down, because even the Navy is now investigating the validity with which Kerry's much-vaunted medals were awarded. As much flak as Bush has caught over his own military records, you'd think there would be just a few more questions in the major news media about Kerry's Vietnam record and his post-Vietnam activities. In light of all the attacks on his military record, I'm curious as to how long it will take for Kerry to find a new campaign centerpiece.

So his fellow military veterans don't like him. But Kerry can rely on his fellow Catholics, right? After all, Roman Catholics have a long history of voting for Democratic candidates. It's a shame that so many Catholics have been so slow to realize this but the current Democratic party is not the same party of our parents. Every Catholic should realize, to quote Ronald Reagan, that "I didn't leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me." Kerry, true to his leftist nature, embraces abortion and is a strong detractor of anything that takes away from the concept of abortion on demand. He is also a strong proponent of stem cell research. For an excellent reference to Kerry's (lack of) Catholic values, here is an excellent resource. Not surprisingly, the talking heads haven't been making much of Kerry's Catholicism since realizing how much of a liability it has become.

Kerry's habit of changing position on major issues is obviously bad. However, when position changes move to the magnitude of betrayal, all Americans should realize that there are worse candidates for President of the United States of America than George W. Bush.


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