Monday, August 30, 2004

Neil Gaiman and his Bird Lady

Neil Gaiman was blogging about a tree he has on his property. He said usually cedar waxwings flock to his tree to eat the berries, but this year robins have come instead. He apparently spoke to his bird lady and she had this to say:

if the cedar waxwings turn up a little later in the season, when the berries have fermented, you get to see flocks of drunk waxwings attempting to fly upside down, falling out of trees, singing loudly and off-key, beating up smaller birds for looking at them oddly, puking in birdbaths then telling the first line of a joke they can't remember over and over, while patting your leg and telling you that you're the best friend they've ever met. Also they are unable to remember where they put down their keys.


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