Sunday, January 09, 2005

Here's what's going on

Jude and I just got over some more of "the crud," but now Jay has it.

Tomorrow morning, Jay has his second interview at a place in Shreveport. The pay is higher than his previous job, he'll get full benefits, and tuition reimbursement, which will be nice since he's very interested in going back for his MBA. From what he's told by the company's headhunter, Jay's got a real chance with them. They like him a lot. Also, it's near our apartment, so we won't have to move again. The minuses: it's shift work and it's in north Louisiana. We really wanted to move back to south Louisiana.

On Tuesday, he has an interview for a company in Baton Rouge. I don't know much about this one except that it may pay $2,000 more than the Shreveport job. We both really liked living in Baton Rouge. It's a great city and there's lots to do there. It's about an hour away from our moms as opposed to the current three-hour commute to visit them. Minuses: He'll have to travel out of state two nights a week, which is great if you're single, but he's not.

I'm still at Mom's and Jude is still cute. So that's what's going on here.


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