Sunday, July 25, 2004

Kerry's stance on abortion

Don’t get used to too many political posts from me. Chances are, this will be jaymen’s job.

I recently read an interview of John Kerry in the August issue of Reader's Digest. When he was asked his views on abortion, this was his response:

I think abortions should be rare. I don't think pro-choice means pro-abortion at all, never have. Nor does the fact that you wind up voting in the Senate in a way that protects choice.

I'm not going into great length about it, but I'll just say to you: The [Catholic] Church also teaches that you should protect the environment, that war is not good, that we have a responsibility to help the poor. And the question is, are they all going to be addressed or is this a selective process?
First off, I don't understand how he thinks voting pro-choice is not voting pro-abortion. It's saying "yes, a woman should have the right to kill her unborn child, but no no no, I'm not pro-abortion".

Secondly, if he's trying to win the votes of Catholics, he is going about it the wrong way. "Hey, I have an idea: let's bash the Catholic Church in a magazine the voting nation will read".

Lastly, in questioning whether the Church is going to address further issues the president faces, such as helping the poor and protecting the environment, he alludes to the fact that Bush led our country into war and the Catholic Church doesn't condone it. George W. Bush isn’t the one claiming to be a Catholic!


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